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There is the possibility that the information here is out of sync with the actual device pageso always check the device specific page, that should be the canonical source of all device specific information. Here is the full list of devices that are listed on this websitenote that there are also some interesting categories listed there depending on board features. Redirected from Table of allwinner based boards. Jump to: navigationsearch. This is a manually generated list of Allwinner based development boards.

Also keep in mind that phone chargers are crap and you shouldn't believe that cheap USB charger would be enough for higher loads. HDMI mini? CHIP R8 4. Category : Hardware. Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise noted. Privacy policy About linux-sunxi. NanoPi M1 Plus. NanoPi NEO. Libre Computing. Next Thing Co. OLinuXino Micro.Hi everybody, Merry Christmas and Happy new year! CubieBoard2 was launched on June 19it has been more than 4 years till now. CubieBoard2 is a very small size open source single board computer SBC which runs Android and many Linux open source operating systems.

Because of its low cost, …. Summary CubieTruck is the third generation product in CubieBoard series, it is very popular in the community. CubieBoard4 is the most powerful open source hardware in CubieBoard series and this situation may not change in the foreseeable period of time. Because of the favor of enthusiasts, there were always some voices of making the totally enclosed case for CB4 in the forums.

Back in JulyCubie …. Nowadays, embeded technology and open-source hardware have been growing very fast. All of them widely praised by community and CubieBoard fans. Cubietruck, aka CB3, is the best one …. The top and bottom layers adopt transparent acrylic boards, so that the internal structure of the development board is clearly visible.

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The intermediate layers are stacked up with colorful acrylic boards that look like …. We now have lots of verification work need to do. So I can only share some photoes here for all of you…. Chanwit is also a top contributor of Docker Swarm, …. Now we deliver the first member of this family Einstein-A With this product, the small company and ….

It also has …. Thanks for the attention of you. I hope you had a good Christmas, and happy new year. After 8 months working, we lunched into the first batch mass production of CubieBoard4 aka CC-A80 two days ago. We modified the hardware design again and again. PremoBoard is a significant innovation in the usage of CubieBoard2. The size of this LCD is 3. It has very strong and overbearing appearance, very simple and reasonable structure, and also with solid and high-grade materials.

It is all ready for sale by now, looks like picture ….The topics range from the optical bonding technology and progress in software development all the way to the new i5-Core product series and EASY Shopper. Arne explains all the details of faytech's touch devices and why his quality outmatches all competitor. Johanna, Peter and Anna of faytech give a tour of the faytech booth at Computex This will be the 5th time faytech is exhibiting at Computex to show some of their standard products, but special projects also.

It is the perfect solution for integration into a machine or wall. After that, the special project for bus application is also introduced, which uses a Then, the And at last, the Libre Computer introduces three products of their CC-series which are form-factor compatible with the Raspberry Pi boards and based on open-market hardware. All three products were featured on crowdfunding and supported by free and open source software FOSS like Linux and u-boot. This board is the most power-efficient platform of the three and uses less than one watt at idle.

Android up to 8 Oreo is available with design contract. Perfect for IO intensive application like home media center, NAS, microservice virtualization, and more.

allwinner board

Android up to 8 Oreo is schedule to be available in Q3 with design contract. There is a large software community behind Allwinner SoCs called linux-sunxi and they have been upstreaming Linux hardware support for almost a decade. This platform also has a crowdfunded effort for video decode Linux upstream underway by Bootlin. Android up to 7 Nougat is available. Full Comparison of Board Features. Libre Computer offers hardware customization on all supported SoC platforms.

Full custom design contracts are available for orders with 20K MOQ. Industrial design, software, project management resources are available as part of design contract. The Allwinner R6 enables even lower priced smart speakers with a maximum of 2 microphone in the microphone array for devices that will be closer to the user.

The Allwinner MR powers the fully open source drone project by Kudrone. The Xiaomi Drone uses the Allwinner R16 too. Allwinner T3 for car dashboard and smart mirror, T8 for in-car entertainment. The Xiaomi Robot Vaccum Cleaner uses the Allwinner R16 and uses lasers to calculate distance to walls and navigate to vaccum and mop the floor. Allwinner V5 chip uses the HawkView 5. This chipset is for the "real" 4K action camera and 4K-enhanced security camera solutions, where smart object tracking can enhance the resolution only of the moving objects to save on bandwidth.

Also the Allwinner V5 encodes using H to provide for about the same quality at about half the bitrate compared with H This video was filmed at the Allwinner press conference event in Shenzhen where they had a lot of their industry partners, design houses, factories, OEMs, software partners, to see and to hear about the latest of what Allwinner has been working to do for them.

For the very entry level Tablet market, Allwinner presents their new Allwinner A33G which is limited at a lower 1.

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OPEN AI Lab aims to promote the industry development of Arm embedded smart machines, build an embedded SoC basic computing framework for smart machine application scenarios, and integrate application scenario service interfaces. Committed to promoting the in-depth collaboration of the entire industry chain of chips, hardware, and algorithm software, artificial intelligence will be available where there is computation.Product Description.

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Product details. Product description:. Ubuntu display effect:. Package include:. We ship items to Most parts of countries. Thank you! Since it is international shipping ,delivery time is about business days to arrive to most countries. Processed by PayPal,It is easy and safe for you to pay by credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and PayPal account balances. Return policy: We want to make things right, and will happily accept returns of items that arrive damaged or under performing merchandise.

We will either:.

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Items that are damaged as the result of misuse will not be refunded. Items that arrive back to our facility that are damaged due to inadequate return packaging will not be refunded. If your item is damaged do not attempt to fix it. We cannot verify that items arrived with defects if you have modified them and will not issue a refund. Buyers pay return shipping to us in all cases except for items that arrive damaged or receipt of incorrect items.

Store Categories Store Categories. A83T supports many functions, and the core board reserves all interfaces, so it is more convenient to expand. Development board function:. Payment Method. Returns Policy. We will either: 1 Refund your money in full 2 Exchange damaged products for working products.Cubieboard is a single-board computermade in ZhuhaiGuangdongChina.

allwinner board

The first short run of prototype boards were sold internationally in Septemberand the production version started to be sold in October The Cubieboard team managed to run an Apache Hadoop computer cluster using the Lubuntu Linux distribution. The little motherboard utilizes the AllWinner A10 capabilities [10].


This board is used by Fedora to test and develop the Allwinner SoC port of the distribution. There is also a version available with two microSD card slots. The third version has a new and larger PCB layout and features the following hardware: [14]. There is no LVDS support any longer. To connect a 3. The board was officially released on 10 March From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cubieboard 1 First prototype of the Cubieboard. Education portal. Archived from the original on Retrieved Single-board computer and single-board microcontroller.

Actions Allwinner Ax Exynos i. Atom Jaguar -based Puma -based Quark. Apache Hadoop Linaro. Comparison of single-board computers. Categories : Single-board computers. Namespaces Article Talk.

allwinner board

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. First prototype of the Cubieboard. Android 4 ICSUbuntu GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

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Sign up. Example baremetal programs for some allwinner boards. C Assembly Makefile. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Latest commit Fetching latest commit…. Allwinner has been making ARM based linux capable parts for a while now several different ARM cores through 32 bit and into 64 bit. They are NOT raspberry pi clones they might have a similar ARM core but in no way do they boot the same or have the same GPU or peripherals or anything like that, the boards are made to the same form factor to perhaps confuse people just like there have been mp3 players and other devices that look like the mainstream product but are a low cost, incompatible, clone.

Eventually I want to replace u-boot, probably lose dram unless I choose to copy that over initialzing dram is a many month project if you have the right documentation and engineers. So far the parts I have tried have some sram on them and that is enough for what I do. Can always just use u-boot and get dram.

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Allwinner V3s Dev-board

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.By sfxFebruary 1, Along with a current GCC 7. The V3s is very much centered around video processing, for cameras and such. I just ordered some boards to build one of these to experiment with, need to get the components on order, I apparently managed to squeak my PCB order in just before Chinese New Year shut everything down.

I went 2-layer, of course they both have surface mounts on both sides, so it might be hot air reflow time. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk. Armbian booting from a LicheePiZero. Does it make sense? I think the challenge was to boot it on your own board. I used the zero It looks like the Don't get me wrong.

I would strip down an image quite a lot to make it usable for the v3s But it would work under the sun8i family. But if you need the armbian buildscript as a lazy tool to crosscompile u-boot or kernel. And debian stretch can boot from 64MB ram.

allwinner board

I had this in mind for quite a long time Do you have the sourcecode laying around? Just in case anyone wanted to toss out another tiny platform for discussion. The Giant Board is in an Adafruit form factor, so has a bunch of random peripherals ready to go, which is a pro.

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