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Flussonic portal middleware

In the old analogue terrestrial television, users had to configure all required channels themselves: the first channel to the 1st button, the second channel to the 2nd button.

While there were less than 10 channels, everyone was happy. There was no access control or detailed accounting for viewing various content. After adopting the IPTV technology, the setup was not much different: a playlist was added to the set-top box firmware, i. Access control was performed either via encryption CASor using network-based methods, such as authorization of IGMP requests, which is possible only in a simple local area network.

With that, all functions are implemented on the set-top box. For example, a service such as PVR personal video recorder is implemented on the set-top box: the user pre-orders the recording of the broadcast, and at the right moment, the set-top box itself starts your hard drive to record the right gear. It is important to understand that most solutions in IPTV were developed with constant thought about how to implement it in terms of satellite broadcasting, i.

Therefore, the transport protocols used in television have many details of business logics that were necessary before, but are not very relevant today. With the development of diversity in IPTV services, an understanding came that developing services by complicating the set-top boxes is not convenient, or is not feasible, since when the software part of the service is implemented on a set-top box, updating and maintenance require unsafe procedures of updating the firmware on the set-top box.

In order to simplify the introduction of new services, and to control them, as well as to implement services that would be impossible in classic television, a part called Middleware appeared in IPTV. An important point is that Java is not used in set-top boxes with the exception of Android-based set-top boxes, which, for a number of reasons, are very unpopular. Usually people confuse Java and JavaScript, don't do that. Experts still argue, which is better: a web browser or a dedicated application on the device.

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This choice is quite similar to the choice of technology in mobile devices: writing an HTML application or coding in C. Many modern middlewares offer both options to cover the maximum number of devices. So, for example, for Amino set-up boxes with the Opera browserMag, tvip, etc.

Usually a middleware almost does not interact with the video stream, since it only provides URLs to set-top boxes for watching channels and movies: either multicast, or unicast URLs.

Sometimes a middleware has a mechanism for channel monitoring, in order not to show the channel, or to explicitly announce that the channel cannot be watched due to a malfunction. CAS conditional access system is a mechanism of technical restricting the access to the content. DRM is a mechanism for confusing the user, so that he would never get to the decoded video. CAS systems work well and properly. DRM systems are unreliable and buggy in their essence, and create a lot of problems to everyone, except vendors.

flussonic portal middleware

In Flussonic, a CAS is implemented with authorization of access to streams and files. If an attacker has peeped up the URL in the network, he will not be able to use it, since some parameter does not match, and the middleware tells the streamer not to provide the video. It is usually a real headache if one wishes to pick a broadcast exactly, since almost no one in the Russian market provides accurate broadcasting schedules.

TV channels don't pay much attention to the accuracy of the broadcast schedule error up to minutesand do not advice the exact time of beginning and end of broadcasts. The EPG can be obtained from the satellite in an MPEG-TS stream, but the information is rather limited, and can be picked up in the Internet from suppliers of the broadcast schedule, such as teleguide. Traditionally, set-top boxes replicate the functionality of ancient VCRs: the user orders the desired broadcast, and the set-top box records it.

Video streaming software

And in the same traditional way, due to errors in the broadcast schedule, the user records the "tail" of the previous commercial, 20 minutes of advertising, then the broadcast he wishes, which is cut off in the end because of inaccuracies in the schedule. Flussonic Media Server offers a completely different approach to recording the broadcasts. There is no need to victimize the user and force him to remember about the broadcast in advance.

The Middleware should make it possible for the user to watch already finished broadcasts and to form a correct link to Flussonic for watching already recorded broadcasts. If the broadcast is already over, Middleware, basing on the EPG, generates a link for watching the archive which also uses the authorization mechanism.

The user gets the opportunity to watch the recorded broadcast as an ordinary file.Unsure which will fit your needs? See How It Works. No coding or technical skills required. Click and publish - all you need to manage the Nora middleware. Control all aspects of your platform from Nora's dashboard. View and Analyze user data all in one space. Drag and drop editor makes customizing your interface simple. Customize every aspect of the TV, mobile and tablet apps. Nora Middleware is a highly-intuitive administration interface designed to be straightforward and easy to use.

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Going much further than traditional cable and satellite providers, we encode and deliver thousands of linear channels and live events streaming, plus VOD libraries that are completely customizable for the end user. Setplex provides a complete experience from development to service provision. Setplex provides active support from the beginning of your platform. We handle any setup or installation to get your services running and then help keep those systems functioning smoothly.

Nora Middleware is built to help you build a flawless and powerful platform capable of handling unlimited users. Listed below are some of the major features Nora offers.

Alongside this list are hundreds of other features Nora offers to provide complete control as you design your platform. Have an expert call you today to see how quickly your apps can launch and your service grow. We host Cloud Based in our network, no installation necessary. Self hosted requires installation on your premises for you to host.

Simple Interface Designed for anyone to manage with ease. Central Dashboard Manage your platform and data in one place. Customizable Interface Designed for anyone to manage with ease.We develop software for streaming video since Flussonic server solutions help business clients store, capture, deliver and transcode video. Video streaming server software for a wide variety of tasks that include mass storage, transcoding, live and on-demand video delivery as well as access to the flow control.

The media server can be installed on any Linux server machine. Web-based and mobile-friendly software solution for launching a surveillance system in a large organization or as an additional service by a telecom operator. The system includes flexible integration and billing.

Watcher is a scalable, ready-to-use system that works with almost any IP camera without a complex setup. Consulting, extended technical support and custom development.

We have deep expertise in video delivery and media storage and will help you with your custom project. We have launched our own video surveillance service using Flussonic Watcher. You can connect your own cameras to it or rent it by launching your own video surveillance service. The service is still being developed, leave your email. Some time ago, we launched a license plate recognition module that allows for detecting vehicles. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Video streaming software We develop software for streaming video since Contacts Clients Blog. Flussonic Media Server Video streaming server software for a wide variety of tasks that include mass storage, transcoding, live and on-demand video delivery as well as access to the flow control.

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Flussonic Watcher Web-based and mobile-friendly software solution for launching a surveillance system in a large organization or as an additional service by a telecom operator.

Overview Features Documentation prices. Flussonic Solutions Consulting, extended technical support and custom development. Case Studies Contact Us. How to Install a License Plate Recognition System in a Gated Countryside Community in 3 Steps Some time ago, we launched a license plate recognition module that allows for detecting vehicles.

Middleware in IPTV OTT

Flussonic Media Server Our social networks facebook-square Shape twitter.Option for Deutsche Telekom Network. Dear Clients, As you may noticed alreadywe have updated our site. We would like It is currently the once professional solution with wide range compatibility, unlimited scale and provide a lot of security features.

Dedicated Servers Dedicated Server with wide range of Linux distributions as basic operating systems. Dedicated Server with Guaranteed Bandwidths up to 10Gbps for large streaming projects. Why get online with us? Unlimited Traffic All our streaming servers has unmetered und unlimited traffic. Keep your streaming servers protected against DDoS attacks.

Guaranteed Bandwidth! What Clients Says?

flussonic portal middleware

I have been with Streaming Servers more than 2 month, Never had any problems, I would say they are totally recommended provider. The Customer Service and the quality we have received the last months from Streaming Servers is Awesome, Very recommended. Apr 29th. New services: Streaming VPN, web hosting and domain registration Dear customers, we are happy to inform you that we have added new services such as Apr 15th.

flussonic portal middleware

Apr 13th. Please Wait Brands we use. Legal Agreements. Toll-Free 45 All Rights Reserved. Please enter a number between 8 and 64 for the password length.This post will be useful to small operators as well as to end users. There is a good brief definition in Wikipedia :. Middleware is computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system.

I agree with this definition and can only add that Middleware is the basic component of an IPTV solution, since it is Middleware that defines the set of services available to subscribers, the user interface, transmission logic and control algorithm. There are many developers on the market, so every type of Middleware has its distinctive features: the devices it supports, the CAS-systems it works with, the user interface, the supported video servers, the various billing systems, the API, the cost and the level of technical support.

When an operator selects one of the available solutions, he literally gets attached to the Middleware he chooses, since switching to an alternative is neither easy, nor cheap — it requires changing the software on TV set-top boxes or their complete replacement, if the list of supported devices differs from the previous one.

It also requires re-integration with the billing provider and with the Conditional Access System connection release system. All that takes time and money, and the bigger the subscriber base is, the more complicated it all gets.

Stalker is primarily interesting because it is free. I mean absolutely free, with no trials or limited features. Its source code can be downloaded from GitHub. This is the big advantage that Stalker has over solutions from other providers.

How to Set up a Full-featured IPTV/OTT Service: Stalker Middleware

So, if you happen to know any, please let me know. Surely satellite receivers receive TV channels, CAS-systems protect content, set-top boxes display video, billing systems handle money matters. And what does Middleware do? Does it just display a list of channels and the weather? Certainly not, but this should be enough to arouse your curiosity about this free solution and install Stalker on a test server to get to know it better.

Infomir provides a short manual and a VirtualBox image. It is recommended to do it on a separate virtual machine or install it in a Docker container, to avoid incompatibility problems. It gives a comprehensive idea of how the containers work, although this knowledge is not strictly necessary now. Docker lets you start Stalker on your favorite distribution. To go on, we need Docker and Docker-compose. Here is an example of installation for most distributions:.

Launch the utility, which will download the latest version of Stalker and initialize the database:. Wait for the script to be completely executed, which takes about 4 minutes. Stalker can be installed in the usual way, by just installing the necessary packets and editing a few files manually. This is the most time-consuming and the hardest way, but it works a treat if you are going to launch a production server. By default, the admin interface is in English. You can switch language at the bottom of the page:.

The solution here is which library to use for the video playback on the set-top box player. As for HLS, Infomir recommends the ffmpeg solution. This is required to protect the content from unauthorized viewing.

Here is what result should look like:. Adding movies could be very tedious, so thankfully you can use autofill. Imagine how time-consuming it would be to manually enter the cast, logo, director, year of production, category and other info to complete the set-top box catalogue for each movie, especially if you had many to add.

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Flussonic Catena is a platform web control panel, IPTV middleware that enables you to manage live streams, VOD assets, customers and resellers via a unified web interface. Catena is not a video streamer but it uses one or more Flussonic Media Servers as streamers.

With Flussonic Catena you can: Manage thousands of stream sources Manage subscribers Manage TV packages Provide a web UI for playing TV content Provide m3u playlists to your subscribers Protect streams from restreaming Manage a group of Flussonic streamers by using a unique Pipelines solution Load balance streams among a group of servers Load balance clients among Edge servers The huge benefit Catena offers is that you can keep all streams' and users' data in a centralized database and don't have to worry about backing up each streamer.

Also, with the Catena's single unified web interface you can conveniently manage your entire service. PostgreSQL is installed automatically with Catena. Note: Make sure that you are not running any web or streaming services on the server where you want to install Catena. Note: Replace 1. After logging in you'll see the admin UI: Learn more about system requirements, updating Catena, and resetting the password Configuring Flussonic Catena Flussonic Catena works with one or more Flussonic Media Servers as streamers.

All connected streamers use Catena as the authorization backend and main source of truth concerning the configuration. This is why it is important to serve Catena on an Internet server VPS or dedicated server with a static IP address and a real domain name. So the first configuration step is setting the external address of Flussonic Catena. If you have specified a valid fully qualified domain name, the message about the hostname will not appear, and your streams will be protected via the Catena database.

Now you can add servers, streams, pipelines, subscribers, and packages to Catena. Catena has built-in support for Let's Encrypt — no need to install extra packages and manually configure your web server. To get a Let's Encrypt certificate: Go the Config tab and click the Issue LetsEncrypt certificate button: If the certificate was obtained successfully, you will see a message about it: To apply the changes, restart Catena via the command line: service catena restart After Catena has restarted, go to the Config tab in the web UI and change the protocol from http to https.

Learn more in Migrating data into Catena For support purposes, we have a utility that mends the Catena database. If some error occured during import and the database was corrupted, you can reinitialize your Flussonic Catena instance by using the following commands: Code:.

flussonic portal middleware

Related threads. Flussonic A project that can provide quick and effectively organized access to the video services based on IP networks. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

IPTV Billing Portal For Stalker Middleware

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Development of Infomir company. Starting June 1,a new distribution model of Stalker Middleware takes effect. Fill out the request form to download the latest version of Stalker Middleware.

Get a free consultation at the Service Desk. Find the answer to your question or suggest an article in the Documentation. Get the news about platform capabilities and communicate with project developers as well as other users Read and subscribe to the Official Stalker Middleware Blog. This middleware or any part thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without prior permission, except in cases permitted by copyright law. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.

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