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Gm 24x conversion

The available features cable or electronic throttle, cruise control, forced induction support, and so on make the Gen III PCMs highly desirable for nearly any conversion. The following projects are fine examples of Gen III control systems for small-block engines, turbocharged V-8 and V-6 engines, LT1 engines, and big-block engines.

Mounting the ignition coils on the valve covers is not for everyone, but this engine bay offers no other room for cleanly mounting the eight coils. I met Bill in when he and his son, Troy, heard there was a guy down the road me playing with TPI engines. Bill is a retired toolmaker and fabricated just about everything in this car. He was one of the fi rst in town to install a fuel-injected V-8 engine in a street rod.

When I fi rst met Bill, his Willys had an original 5. In hot rodder fashion, the electronics upgrade turned into a heads-up upgrade, including ported aftermarket heads, LT4 hotcam, and TPIS Mini Ram intake manifold. Ultimately the conversion to the GM truck ignition system with this PCM was a failure due to a persistent corrosion problem within several different styles of the Vortec distributor.

But by then, the prototyping of an EFI Connection24x crankshaft reluctor for small-block engines was nearly complete. Bill fabricated his own ignition coil mounts by drilling holes through a set of aftermarket die-cast aluminum valve covers and attaching threaded posts to screws from the back side of each valve cover.

An alternative choice for better clearance is a set of GM ignition coils. At the time of prototyping, the newer Vortec V-8 plastic timing cover was the only choice for this application. Due to a slight mismatch of timing cover sealing surfaces between early and late engine blocks, Bill chose to apply JB Weld to the face of the block to extend the seal surface. Removing the high voltage from the Vortec distributor, we only needed the camshaft position signal it provides.

Moisture or no moisture within the distributor cap, Bill no longer had to worry about ignition problems related to the Vortec distributor. The 4x Vortec small-block crankshaft reluctor was removed and replaced with the first 24x small-block crankshaft reluctor. A problem with any crankshaft reluctor installation on an engine that did not originally have a crankshaft reluctor older is that General Motors changed the timing cover sealing surface just enough that the newer plastic Vortec timing covers leak.

Although TPIS has since resolved this problem with a machined billet aluminum timing cover, Bill cleaned the face of this block to apply JB Weld to the trouble areas, ground the new surfaces flat, and then generously applied red RTV sealant to protect against oil leaks.

For the hassle and oil leak risk involved, you are better off buying the TPIS billet-aluminum timing cover and being done with it. TPIS designed their billet-aluminum small-block timing cover for original crankshaft sensor placement, making this beautiful timing cover a direct bolt on for newer small-block engines as well.

TPIS designed and manufactures this beautiful billet-aluminum timing cover for small-block chevy engines. This timing cover eliminates oil leak issues of the newer Vortec V-8 timing cover when used with a or older small-block chevy engine. With tight clearance ahead of the throttle body, and a mechanical fan, a MAF sensor was not possible in this engine bay. Bill chose to use LS1 ignition coils simply because they were available.

Some owners unnecessarily get caught up with ignition coil selection. General Motors has used five types of ignition coils see Chapter 6. Any set of eight ignition coils can be used interchangeably. In fact, among LS-series engines, all ignition coil wire harnesses match every LS-series engine wire harness.

Be aware that the PCM calibration has dwell settings that may need to be adjusted if you use a different set of eight ignition coils. Production GM vehicles contain solenoids, relays, sensors, and on-board modules not used in most conversion projects. DTCs related to the 4LE transmission, emissions equipment, air conditioning, cooling fans, and alternator that covers just about all of them can be disabled because the LS1 PCM is not controlling or monitoring this equipment for this vehicle.

Almost daily, enthusiasts throw money away by purchasing VATS bypass modules.Privacy Terms. Quick links. I thought I would post my results of the install.

A little history of previous work done motor wise.

gm 24x conversion

The truck is a 94, purchased in 98 with 40, miles on it, been a daily driver since purchase. I knew I wanted to keep the truck on the road so 3 years ago I decided to get rid of the old wet manifold technology and start bringing the motor into the modern age.

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I decided I didn't want to go the route of a LS swap or an aftermarket injection system. I wanted to retain the original block and only use GM made production parts for ease of available parts store parts remember I cant wait a week for a special order part.

So I installed a full 97 harness, 96 dash, stock vortec intake and a pcm. I knew the drawbacks of the poppet intake when installing and I had a marine intake at the time but didn't have it prepared yet.

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Plus I wanted to do one project at a time due to the fact I can't have my truck down more than a weekend. So a year ago I got the marine intake installed and tuned using the stock marine injectors. At this point I had the fuel system and operating system semi up to date.

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The truck ran better than ever, even back when it had only 40, miles on it, and was getting the best gas mileage it ever had other modifications did help achieve this. Once I had my fuel system where I wanted it I was ready to upgrade the ignition system to current technology.

This meant getting rid of the mechanically driven ignition and timing. I was well aware of EFI's 24x modification for years, but the need to still have the old vortec distributor installed for cam position just wasn't appealing to me. I did a lot of research on alternative cam positions and GM sensors, I wanted to get this done this summer. So I thought perfect, this is the system I want to run. I contacted mike and he made me aware that the new version of the kit was still in prototype stage and could be late summer before the kit was ready assuming everything went well.

I told him I was hoping to get this project completed this summer and did contact him from time to time to get updates on progression. So he decided to offer me a chance to run early production parts to help him get some real road time on the new setup to get feedback. So I gladly accepted his offer and a few weekends ago I got the parts installed.Write Review. Gain insider access for ALL things Performance. Product Details This module is only designed for a newer engine with a 58x crankshaft trigger wheel and 4x camshaft trigger wheel going into an older 24x vehicle.

It will not convert the 24x crankshaft trigger signal to a 58x crankshaft trigger signal and no module exists to do this. You must physically change the reluctors in the engine. This module does not work with front wheel drive LS applications. The Lingenfelter TRG module allows Gen IV GM V8 engines with the 58x crankshaft trigger or reluctor wheel and the 4x camshaft timing gear to be installed in earlier vehicles designed to accept the 24x crankshaft trigger wheel and the 1x camshaft trigger wheel without having to take the engine apart to change the cam timing gear or the crankshaft reluctor wheel.

The Lingenfelter TRG is a plug-and-play design that connects directly to your existing wiring harness and to the factory engine sensors and has its own power source harness. Some early Gen IV V8 engine equipped vehicles that will need a camshaft sensor extension harness. TRG Key Features Fully encapsulated potted construction for increased durability High temperature glass filled Nylon low profile case Transient voltage and over voltage protection have been incorporated into the design to accommodate the ever increasing electrical demands of modern vehicle control systems.

After a valid crankshaft and camshaft signal engine rotating is present the LED will switch to GREEN to indicate that the input signal s are valid and the 24x crankshaft and cam sync outputs are active. Related Items.Dan Salmon is a Managing Director with BMO Capital Markets covering the Media and Internet sectors. Dan is a volunteer and former Board Member for Giving Opportunities to Others, a charity he helped establish in 2001 that sends underprivileged children to arts and music camp each summer.

He has lived in New York City since then. Mike Shields is the Advertising Editor at Business Insider.

gm 24x conversion

At MediaLink, Spiegel applies his expertise by helping enterprise marketers and media companies assess, plan for, and implement solutions needed to succeed with programmatic technologies and addressable marketing. Spiegel comes to MediaLink with a background of executive leadership roles within digital marketing and technology organizations. Most recently Spiegel ran the enterprise sales and solutions business for MediaMath across North and Latin America.

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gm 24x conversion

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EFI 24x™ LT1/LT4

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gm 24x conversion

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DirecTV is the worst but right now that's the only thing we can get here. Still trying to figure out why a service technician only comes out this way 2 days a week. I contacted DIRECTV and bank did as well. At same time need box fix they turned off cable. Every time I called I was spoke with rudely and they just was rude so I borrowed money to pay 103. They informed me 279 more needed to be paid. Helpful Be the first one to find this review helpful Robert of Beavercreek, OH Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov.

DIRECTV needs to get it together. Long story short I did. I said, "Where do come up with a figure like that". Then they said I signed a contract in which they failed to inform Me. I said, "You folks are out of your mind". I have told them I have a P. Never again for DIRECTV. Helpful 4 people found this review helpful Elisha of Battle Ground, WA Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov.

I recently had my services reconnected after being suspended for a month for non payment. I was in touch and on a payment plan with DirecTV and was able to get it turned on after months of going back and forth for charges that were incorrect.

On November 24th I was undecided if I was going to go back to DirecTV after all the issues and everyone passing me on to different departments each time I called, without anything ever being taken care of. I paid my bill, accepted offer after being on the phone for 3 hours, transferred to every department and finally feeling like someone had listened to me and made it right. Unfortunately, after paying and going through all of that my service was not restored and I kept getting an 701 error.

I called back that evening and the tech department placed a ticket and said they would have someone get back to me because they were unable to fix after going through all the normal troubleshooting. Again, another hour on the phone and nothing fixed. I did not hear back from them, instead I had to call back the next morning November 25th.

The agent who I spoke with was super nice and corrected the issue. Apparently the person who reconnected my service did not reconnect the HD so it would not connect.

Gen III LS PCM Conversion Upgrades: Projects, Lessons and Strategies

I literally had to hang up. The person who promised me this her name was Tajma and I requested for a manager to contact me. At this point in time, do not trust or believe that DirecTV will take care of your needs or do anything they promise to do. I am so frustrated and feel completely disregarded. I feel like I was told a bunch of crap to come back and then as soon as I did everything that was promised just went away. I should have never left Comcast. I never had these issues.

My next step is wait for a manager to call be back and also contact the Better Business Bureau. I only rated 1 star because you have to put something. I would honestly give them a zero. Helpful Be the first one to find this review helpful Barbara of Durham, NC Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov. Usually it is just me and my husband, but during the holidays, we have family and friends visiting.He tossed 28 touchdowns against only 2 interceptions, which was good enough to finish second behind Matt Ryan.

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He deserves to be the frontrunner in 2017, and like his team is the clear-cut safe money. Rodgers is seeking a third MVP trophy and given the talented passing options at his disposal, he should have little trouble posting gaudy numbers once again.

He also represents some of the best value on the board. Call it low risk, high reward. Carr has improved every season since entering the league in 2014. However, as with any quarterback, his MVP chances are directly tied to how well the Raiders play. If they take a step back and miss the playoffs, Carr will undoubtedly shoulder some of the blame.

Nevertheless, his price is tough to pass up.

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Ryan was worthy of his 2016 victory, but he kinda sorta won by default. The Falcons offense is poised to take a step back in 2017, so avoiding Matty Ice just makes sense.

If the Bucs make a playoff charge, Winston will be the reason. He is still prone to poor decision-making, but his arm talent and fearless attitude are attributes needed in a franchise quarterback. The fact that his odds are on par with Ryan and Carr is proof that his star is rising in the eyes of oddsmakers.

No Zeke Elliott means more passing attempts for Dak. That could be good, or it could be bad. Make no mistake about it, Prescott was impressive as a rookie. But a much tougher schedule and no Zeke to help alleviate pressure opens up the possibility of more errors in judgement for the second-year signal caller. A lot will have to go right for Dak to enter the MVP conversation.

DJ will need to rush for over 2000 yards and score 18 touchdowns to have a legit shot. And the Cards will have to make the playoffs. Could all that happen. Like Winston, Mariota passes the eyeball test. Any run the Titans might make in 2017 will be due to his superb play. Because quarterbacks dominate MVP races, he should not be overlooked. Newton was not good in 2016.

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