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Kess v2 clone vs original

Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Automotive Tuning. Thread Rating: 33 Vote s - 3. Reputation: 0. As a newbie I made an attempt which went bad. I loaded the program into ECM which created a modified file with checksum automatically on opening. During loading it requested an original file for comparison. The file loaded easy. After loading, vehicle B will not start. It gives error of "unable to prepare rolling code" during communication.

KESS V2 master vs Ktag china clone

What is the proper way to change the VIN? I think I have corrupted the file with my choice of the comparison file during load and probably my way of changing the VIN?

I have the original file from car B. Any suggestions on what went wrong and how to correct?? ANY ideas would be appreciated!! Thank You. Reputation: Use them if i was helpful. PM me, 5. I agree it was my mistake. This is a ME 7. Is it possible to be cleared so that KESS can recover the original file?

Will another programmer using the bootstrap ST be able to load the original file? Reputation: 1. Loading another file than the original from the car you are writing is the most dumb thing you can do.

This is one more time the proof that you should not tinker around with your ecu if you have no idea what you are doing! I hope you read at least the original File from Car B before you flashed it. What you have to do now is flash back the original file via Bootmode and hope that it works again. Otherwise it could be possible that you also have to make corrections in the eeprom.

Where are you from? I am from Texas.

kess v2 clone vs original

Yes I did read the original file from car B before I did anything. Buy a new eeprom, upload the original file with eeprom programmer into it, and soldering Best Regards. No Kess would not do this one reason is Kess is designed for "slave" use. It is designed so you can not use the same file twice Additionally there are so may ways the extra details of a vin etc can be stored and where they can be stored.Clone tools are one of the biggest dangers to you as a tuner in the industry today.

Nearly the full range of Alientech tuning tools have now been cloned, some may see the idea of cheap flake Alientech tuning tools as a great way of cutting costs, but cloned tuning tools, fake tuning equipment and knock of replica remapping tools are a ticking time bomb that will topple a cars ECU. If you are using fake and clone tuning tools it is not a case of if it will happen, but simply a case of when. Why, oh why, would you risk all your hard work by using a fake tuning tool that risks having problems reading the vehicle or worse killing the ECU?

Clone tuning tools are very unstable. They are copied from old out of date software versions of the genuine tool and offer such a limited range of vehicles compared to the genuine tools that there simply is no point in using them. When something goes wrong with your fake tool, how are you going to fix it? There is no technical support for the tool.

You cannot ask for help now from the manufacturers of a genuine tool as they will see you have used a cheap and cloned fake version of their product. The fake knock-off tools are cheap imitations of the real thing. They do not comply with any safety or compliance legislation and would cause issues with your insurance should you have a catastrophic failure with the device.

Take it a step further and you have a piece of electrical equipment that has not undergone any safety testing and could even cause a fire. Using fake tuning tools and equipment is dishonest and unsafe. If you use them you are risking your company reputation and the respect and business of your customers. Once word spreads that you have are using fake cloned remapping equipment for tuning, nobody is going to trust you to tune their car, but what is worse, you could now start losing other business once word of mouth begins to travel.

The knock-on effect could be devastating for your business! There is no need to have all the stress, worry and anxiety that comes from fake copied remap tuning tools. Simply buy genuine tuning tools and you will instantly feel safe in the fact that a huge tuning tool manufacturer now supports you. A full team of technicians at the factory to help should you have an issue. Brand new vehicles being released and updated onto the tool ever few weeks.

Alientech Kess V2 Master. Alientech Kess V2 Salve. Alientech K-tag Master. Alientech K-tag Slave.

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Alientech ECM Titanium tuning software. Stop worrying about every tuning job you have in and start enjoying the growth of your business with confidence, reliability and success that genuine tuning tools provid.

Request a callback.KESSv2 allows you to read and write the ECUs of cars, bikes, trucks, tractors and boats simply connecting the tool to the diagnostic port. Ask now for the list of supported vehicles.

K-Suite Software A unique software to manage your tools. Find it out now. KESSv2 Accessories. Phone: To create KESSv2Alientech team of designers and engineers developed a new tool that interacts with its software in a very simple and functional way: it recognizes the firmware protections of the ECU, evaluates engine and battery conditions and, in case of a malfunction of your PC, completes the writing as if nothing happened.

Until now, all OBD programmers were designed in the same way: assembling various pieces to obtain a single tool that can communicate with engine control units of very different features.

kess v2 clone vs original

In this way, however, you have a complex product, on which risks of failure are very high. Overcoming such obstacles requires more than a simple improvement: it requires a qualitative leap. The software supplied with the OBD Programmer.

The first time you use KESSv2 you realize just how easy and quick it is to get updates, download operating manuals, start reading an ECU, manage files, and write the right file at the right moment. You never have to worry about the Checksum or how to make a connection.

The final solution.

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K-Suite Software. A unique software to manage your tools. Restore capabilities in the event of error. KESSv2 Slave With a Slave equipment, you can: Read and write tuned files from the most experience tuner network in the world Reading and writing is made easy with our step by step walk-through software; all software updates online automatically every time you open your tools Achieve significant results in your work, while saving time and avoiding errors.

K-Suite Software When using our KESSv2 you will have security of checksum correction as a standard feature as well as the supplied K-Suite software will also eliminate any concerns about proper connection to the ECU by including a step-by-step procedure with pictures. You can save it on your Windows PC and then edit the files with your dedicated mapping software to get the best from your OBD tuning equipment. KESSv2 accessories are the perfect complement to increase your sales and broaden your market.

The software for your KESSv2. We know that chiptuning world is not only narrowed to cars or bikes, any engine can be improved. For this reason we have introduced new communication protocols for commercial and agricultural vehicles.

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The main screen of the software gives you instant access to several protocols enabled on your tool, as well as to the best diagnostic systems. When you click on the desired button, the screen is replaced by a detailed list of vehicles and you can start working immediately. In this file you can find a complete list of vehicles currently supported by KESSv2.Both are reformed by the seller to ensure proper operation. At all times the vendor has been very serious and the friend who recommended it to me assured me that it was trustworthy.

When I got both interfaces, the vendor made his installation. All very well up there, but when I try to read the first 2 control units Magneti Marelli 4MV and 4BV which I have urgency to read, in none of the cases was it possible to read. This first reading was done in bank, proceeded with the pin-out correctly The first error I receive is:.

Warning, unknown ECU. For a correct procedure you must send log files and Reading to the technical support. Proceed anyway? Is the correct voltage just as important for a reading? In this particular case I decided first to check that the control unit worked properly, for this mount the ECU in the bank, with its correct pin-out but without connecting the gray cable boot mode, and proceeded with a reading of the ECU supporting me in the Vag-Com.

Then the vag com could read the ecu, see fault codes, etc. Then I removed it from the OBD2 adapter and made the connection as the Ktag indicated, connecting the gray cable in its correct boot mode, etc. I am sure that all the connections were made correctly When I give it to read, it gives me the following error:.

Communication error with the ECU: control all connections; if the problem persists, send log file to the assistance In this case as a power source use the original transformer that brings the ktag that also does not reach 12v.

Could this also be the cause?

kess v2 clone vs original

I can connect directly to the Ktag in the power outlet that he brings, a V source, or it is advisable to connect directly from the external source to the control unit without going through the Ktag.

Can the ktag break if instead of using the original transformer that he brings, I connect an external source of V, 2Amp? Is this operation normal? Advice 1: B oth occasions you say have low voltage, this can cause a lot of problems. Fgtech manages to read, you need to open ecu take metal cover off eeprom soic8 and bridge pins 4 and 5 with a wire. I also read a Bosch Med 7. I think the success was in maintaining a stable voltage with a regulated source. I am very happy with the reading.The best tool to write back the original or modified file in the vehicle ECU.

In a few minutes, simply communicating through the OBD port. KESSv2 can be connected to cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors and boats to read and write the parameters of the engine or of the transmission. The goal is to maximise the performances of the vehicle and of the electronic control unit, facing problems that a standard diagnosis cannot solve.

Engine ECU. Learn More.

Kess V2 firmware 5.028 vs Kess V2 firmware 5.017

KESSv2 is available. Chiptuning means to have the possibility to remap the ECU of a car, of a van or of a camper modifying the parameters of the engine and of the automatic transmission. Allowing someone to work on the mechanics and on the electronics of your own motorbike means to really trust a team that must be composed only by expert tuners.

Who decides to modify the ECU of his motorbike has the real need to make it more personal under any point of view. The work of chiptuning on duty vehicles must not be underestimated: Trucks A precise operation on the electronics, editing some parameters of the calibration, can change in a relevant way the behaviour of the vehicle for what comes to consumption and performance.

The goal is the same: increase the horsepower and save on consumption to move more easily on the stretches of road that must be travelled. Just with a simple change in the tractor ECU and the performance radically improves.

That garage can be yours. To remap the Electronic Control Unit, editing the parameters of the engine, is possible also for all the vehicles of the marine world. From water bikes to offshore powerboats, from ferries to boats: also on these vehicles is possible to work on the ECUs to improve performance and save on consumption. Vehicle List. Our tooIs are available in two different versions, according to the solution that the garage chooses.

KESSv2 Master. KESSv2 Slave. KESSv2 Slave solutions are the best for those garages that want to quickly penetrate in the world of Chiptuning, offering to you personalized files just for you.

Shop online. On this website we use technical cookies only. If you access any element of the website outside this banner, scroll the page or close this banner you consent to the use of cookies. Close Read More.The Master version of the tool allows you the complete access to the stock files located in the ECU. The Slave version of the tool will allow you to start choosing who will supply you new equipment and tuned files among our wide network of Tuners all around the world, letting you make the first steps into the chiptuning world.

With a Slave equipment, you can:. Reading and writing is made easy with our step by step walk-through software; all software updates online automatically every time you open your tools. First of all I would say that it has probably the widest coverage of vehicles with its strengths in particular to older vehicles and Marques such as Ford and Jaguar. Putting the slave tool aside as this has no function to a professional chip tuner, lets look at the master version. For a start the GUI is very user friendly, this would be an advantage for novice users as all vehicles are set out individually with models and engines all separated so the user can easily identify the correct vehicle.

It also has a very broad help section, so every time you select a vehicle, the tool will automatically give information on correct cables to use or how to read the vehicle, again very user friendly. There is on the master version a file back up folder where original files for some ID only vehicles can be stored, this enables the user to have an original file to hand instead of having to bootload the ECU or search for an original file.

Kess V2 firmware 5.028 vs Kess V2 firmware 5.017

Another plus for the Kess V2 is that it comes standard with a bootloader function for flashing some ECUs on the bench such as Bosch me7. On some ECUs a flash counter reset is also available. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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kess v2 clone vs original

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Necessary Always Enabled.If you are in the process of having your car tuned or on the lookout for a tuning specialist, we reccomend asking your tuner whether or not they are using real and genuine car tuning tools.

One of the main dangers of using clone tuning tools is that there is often no technical support available. In addition there is no back up if something goes wrong. Is your tuner using the real deal tuning tools? Its hard to tell a good tuner or a professional tuner, from a cow boy have a go tuner using fake and clone tuning tools, they look almost the same, and both can no doubt talk confidently about tuning and ecu remapping.

Surprisingly there is often no real difference in the price they many quote to tune your car either. But under the surface of the tuning service they offer, there is a very considerable difference.

A professional tuner will operate genuine tools, All Viezu dealers will have been trained to IMI standards, they will have insurance for the work they are performing, the tuning they offer is tried and tested, with back up and support from Viezu.

And the tuning tools they operate will be fully supported and TUV approved by the tuning tool manufacture — you are in safe hands. Professional Tuners use Professional Tuning Tools. On the other hand, there are rouge tuners using fake tuning tools and clone tuning tools, the price quoted is often the same, so why would you risk having a fake tuner mess with your cars software? And no doubt no answers to your phone calls when your car will not start.

Your car will not start! At this point more often than not the cowboy clone tool tuner is off, literally gone like the wind, never to return or answer his phone to you again. How can you protect yourself from clone tool, and cowboy tuners using fake tuning equipment, insist on using a Viezu dealer is the easy option, if you chose not to use a Viezu dealer you must ask the following of any tuner.

If this all sound too much, remember the cost of the replacement ecu, and the cost of having a none starting car, perhaps for days. It takes just a few minutes to check your tuner is the real deal and capable to tuning your car correctly and safely.

If you are a tuner, and you are looking for genuine tuning tools at great prices, Click Here. If you are looking for Alientech tuning tools, software and equipment, check out Alientech Tuning Tools here. You can see the full list of Viezu approved tuning and ecu remapping providers here Viezu Dealers. Viezu Approved Quality car tuners.

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