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Line of lights in the sky

Image from tweet below. Multiple people reported seeing a string of strange lights convoying across the sky last night about There were around 30 lights that looked like satellites traveling through the sky. We were in Freshwater facing West and the lights were traveling south west to north east and were evenly spaced except for the last two, they were a little further apart.

While waiting for them to cook, I was gazing at the stars when I noticed something moving. There were about or so in this line, all equally spaced apart, except the last one.

It was a bit further back. On the night of the 22nd, others back east reported seeing a similar incident and last night there were sightings from Michigan to San Francisco. You'll be able to see them in the next few days, too!

Not sure what to think def looked similar to an air plane light but no blinking lights. There has been probably as many planes flying over tonight as well with blinking lights some had to be lower then others with way brighter lights. Is this the normal sky traffic or satellite all over the place. How many planes would u typically see fly over head in a short amount of time??

May not apply not sure!!! We saw exactly the same thing, rows of about 30 all near enough same distance apart. Then some going in different directions. We live on the west coast of Ireland. I saw that same string of lights last night around p. They were way up high traveling very fast from the west going east with no sound.

The last one traveled off course going from west to east and then suddenly shooting off to the north. It was exciting to see. Me n my wife saw similar lights in the sky lastnite at pm in Moorhead Mn but they werent in a str8 line they were moving pretty fast n not together at all…Anyone else in Moorhead see them???

Really cool! I would say it was around 9 pm or so but before all that a extremely close meteor had blown apart right under or above it all. SE Iowa, as well. Not sure I saw the first one or the last one.

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Two were traveling side by side and the rest were in a row all heading in a ENE direction. Later at home, I looked up from my yard and saw five more. Two together and the rest by themselves all going in different directions but these kept disappearing. Pretty cool, I thought. I live in western Missouri and have seen them multiple times around counted over 60 of them at a time they were a bit farther apart than the picture.A clear night sky offers an ever-changing display of fascinating objects to see — stars, constellations, and bright planets, often the moon, and sometimes special events like meteor showers.

Observing the night sky can be done with no special equipment, although a sky map can be very useful.

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Binoculars or a good beginner telescope will enhance some experiences and bring some otherwise invisible objects into view. You can also use astronomy apps and software to make your observing easier, and use our Satellite Tracker page powered by N2YO. Monthly skywatching information is provided to Space.

Editor's note: If you have an amazing skywatching photo you'd like to share for a possible story or image gallery, you can send images and comments in to spacephotos futurenet.

line of lights in the sky

At that time, the relative positions of the Earth, sun, and moon will cause us to see the moon half illuminated—on the western right-hand side. Sunlight striking the moon at a shallow angle produces spectacularly illuminated landscapes along the pole-to-pole terminator that separates the lit and dark hemispheres.

First quarter moons rise at noon and set at midnight, so they are visible starting in the afternoon hours. The term "first quarter" refers not to the moon's appearance, but the fact that our natural satellite has now completed the one quarter of its orbit around Earth, counting from the last new moon.

On Thursday, April 2, the major main belt asteroid Juno will reach opposition. At that time, Earth will be passing between the asteroid and the sun, minimizing our distance from Juno and causing it to appear at its brightest and largest for this year. The magnitude 9.

On opposition night, Juno will be positioned below the star Delta Virginis, aka Auva, which marks the northwestern corner of Virgo's body. One week later, Juno's motion northward across the foreground stars red path with labeled date:time will bring it within 0. In the western sky between midnight and dawn on Friday, April 3, the waxing gibbous moon will be positioned less than three finger widths to the lower right or 2.

Observers in western North America will see the moon pass just north of the centre of the cluster. The moon passes through, or close to, this cluster frequently because the Beehive is located only 1 degree north of the ecliptic green line.

To better see the cluster's stars, try placing the bright moon just outside the field of view of your binoculars red circle. In the western sky on the evening of Friday, April 3, Venus' orbital motion red path with date:time labels will carry it through the bright Pleiades Star Cluster, otherwise known as Messier 45, the Seven Sisters, the Hole in the Sky, and Subaru.

Venus passes that cluster every year—but the orbital mechanics of Earth and Venus only produce traverses of the cluster in a dark sky every eight years, making this event a celestial highlight for Venus and the cluster will fit together in the field of view of binoculars for several nights surrounding the 3rd, and within the narrower field of backyard telescopes red circle from April 2 to 4. After dusk in early April annually, the night sky's brightest star, Sirius, or Alpha Canis Majoris, sparkles in the lower part of the southwestern sky.

UPDATE: What were those mysterious lights in the sky?

Sirius is a hot, white, A-class star located only 8. For mid-northern latitude observers, Sirius is always seen in the lower third of the sky, through a thicker blanket of Earth's refracting atmosphere. This produces the strong twinkling and flashes of color the Dog Star is known for. The six crewed Apollo Missions were sent to different regions of the moon in order to carry out experiments and to bring back rock samples that help us determine the age and composition of the moon's surface.

For safety reasons, Apollo 11 was sent to the flat and relatively featureless terrain of Mare Tranquillitatis "Sea of Tranquility" near the moon's equator red line. Later missions landed in more rugged regions with complex geology.

When the moon approaches the full phase, all of the regions where the astronauts explored are illuminated by sunlight, but no telescope on Earth is strong enough to see the equipment left on the moon. That corresponds to p. EDT on Tuesday, April 7. Full moons always rise in the east as the sun sets, and set in the west at sunrise.

When fully illuminated, the moon's geology is enhanced—especially the contrast between the bright, ancient, cratered highlands and the darker, younger, smoother maria. This full moon will occur less than 9 hours after perigee, the point in the moon's orbit when it is closest to Earth, generating high tides worldwide and making this the second of three consecutive supermoons in Polaris marks the tip of the handle of the Little Dipper, the asterism we also know as the constellation Ursa Minor, the Little Bear.

In mid-April after dusk, the rest of the Little Dipper extends sideways to the right from Polaris, and curves strongly upwards towards the Big Dipper.A number of people across sections of Greater Manchester have reported seeing an "eerie" set of moving lights in a line across the sky. One woman got in touch with the Manchester Evening News, saying she could see the lights from her home in Altrincham. There were over 50 easily.

All equally spaced apart and moving at the same speed, apart from the last which lagged behind. Very strange indeed. It was like seeing multiple space stations but equally in line. Very surreal. On Twitter, Phoebe Robson posted: " ProfBrianCox a line of star like lights over Manchester appearing and disappearing systematically at the same point!

Any answers would be greatly appreciated! While Richard Coventry tweeted: "Just watching a load of tiny, 'star sized' evenly spaced lights in a line in the night sky going straight over my head from the Manchester area and disappearing high into the night sky.

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Planes passing under them. Must have been 50 of them in 5 minutes. Another person posted saying their friend had text saying they saw about "30 lights in a line" moving across the sky above Manchester. Our colleagues in North Wales also reported dozens of people reporting the mysterious lights moving across the sky. Mel Clark told North Wales Live she got a photo of the lights over Llanddaniel Fab on Anglesey and said: "Thought these were stars until I stopped walking and realised they were moving.

A friend is convinced she saw the same thing on the morning of 6th December at 6. My photo is 6. SpaceX launched 60 satellites into orbit in November as part of its Starlink programme, designed to provide an internet connection to remote parts of the globe.

Satellite trackers on satflare. Although it did not pass directly over Manchester, its line passed south of Greater Manchester and over Staffordshire at about 8pm - which explains why many in the southern sections of our region were able to see it at that time.

By Benjamin Blosse. Others across Manchester also posted about seeing the lights tonight.

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Follow MENNewsdesk. More On Twitter Altrincham Stockport. News all Most Read Most Recent. Man in his 60s seriously injured after suspected hammer attack in Tameside Hollingworth The attack happened on Market Street in Hollingworth village, Tameside, on Thursday evening.

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Night sky, April 2020: What you can see this month [maps]

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line of lights in the sky

At least people have now died in Greater Manchester's hospitals after testing positive for coronavirus Coronavirus The latest NHS England data reveal that 28 more deaths were recorded since Wednesday, April 8.

Greater Manchester Police.

Unusual Lights In The Night Sky Over American West

Coronavirus LIVE updates as more deaths in England and government to discuss lockdown decision Coronavirus The latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak as UK death toll rises and the Prime Minister continues to be treated for CovidLast night we told you about some strange orange-reddish lights seen in the night sky -- from Cape Coral all the way to California this past week. Right after the story aired, emails and phone calls poured in, many speculating they knew what it was.

So we once again went in search of the answer. The size of an airplane and it just looked like a fireball you just didn't see the flames," said Roxane Hoffman, as she describes what she saw on the first night of the new year. They didn't change the course of their pattern or anything. Our meteorologists say there was neither a weather event nor space activity the night in question.

What is that line of bright lights in the sky?

Stephenson says his family lit several on News Year's Eve, one day before Hoffman says she saw the strange lights. We put the lanterns to the test ourselves and they go pretty far.

They were in a straight line," Hoffman said. We discovered the National UFO Reporting Center took calls in two days -- all reporting orange-reddish lights in the sky. Last night we told you about some strange orange-reddish lights seen in the night sky. Right after the story aired, emails and phone calls poured in.

There were five large fireball-like objects in the night sky. Could it be a meteor shower? How about a plane? Maybe a Chinese lantern? But Hoffman isn't convinced, having seen Chinese lanterns before. In the past 19 months it has received more than 5, similar calls.

Most Popular Stories. All Rights Reserved.From St Elmo's fire to sprites and blue jets, discover the peculiar glowing balls and streaks that form in Earth's atmosphere. Sailors out at sea would sometimes see a bluish glow seeming to shoot out of the ends of the masts of ships at night.

The light wasn't hot and wouldn't burn anything on board. They took it to be a good omen and called it St Elmo's fire. Ackerman's brother was working on some copper piping in his basement during some bad weather. Thunderclouds create a strong electric field, because there is a strong difference in electrical charge between the cloud and the ground, which you can sometimes feel as static.

The field can be intensified by pointed objects, like a metal pipe or the mast of a ship. If this electrical field becomes strong enough, it can break air molecules down into electrically-charged particles. The gases become "plasma", and give off a glowing light. A similar plasma glow can be created in the laboratory, using sharp or pointed objects to intensify an electrical field.

Even so, Ackerman wants to see St Elmo's fire naturally. Like St Elmo's fire, the will-o'-the-wisp is a faint light that has been reported for centuries. But unlike St Elmo's fire, in recent times people have reported it less and less.

As you might expect of a phenomenon whose name has come to mean something elusive, it has never been created in the laboratory. The will-o'-the-wisp is normally described as a light, flickering or constant, lying close to the ground, mostly in marshy areas of the countryside.

It supposedly disappears after a couple of minutes. Luigi Garlaschelli of the University of Pavia in Italy — best-known for recreating the Turin shroud with a few laboratory tricks — would like to study the will-o'-the-wisp in nature.

Strange line of lights appear in the night sky spark UFO speculation

But it is not clear there is anything to study. If will-o'-the-wisp really did represent a natural process, there are some possible explanations that Garlaschelli could test.

line of lights in the sky

For example, the association with marshy areas suggests that the light comes from burning marsh gas, which is mainly methane. However it is not clear what would set the gas alight. Alternatively, it could be that the reports are fictitious; that the lights are imagined or hallucinated; or that the lights were reflections of the Moon or other lights that observers misinterpreted. But it doesn't burn anything. You might feel a bit funny, but you wouldn't be harmed. The shock waves were racing through, and as the later waves arrived there was an explosion of lights.

These lights are a plasma discharge that happens when a particular type of rock is under stress and builds up an electric charge, Freund says. Coseismic earthquake lights, which happen during an earthquake, are bursts of light coming out of the ground over a space of a few kilometres. They rise m into the night sky in a fraction of a second, one after another.

In recent years, the abundancy of security cameras has led to beautiful videos of earthquake lights. When an ordinary cloud-to-ground lightning bolt strikes the ground, it can vaporise certain minerals in the soil.

In a team of researchers were measuring ordinary lightning in a storm-prone region of the Qinghai Plateau in China. Suddenly a ball of light about 5m across appeared in front of them. It burned white and then red for a few seconds before vanishing. This was the first natural ball lightning to be studied.

The researchers recorded the spectrum of light that the ball gave off, and analysed it to see if they could determine what this unusual lightning was made of. It turned out to have a very earthly origin: soil. Some of these contain silicon compounds, and under the extreme conditions they undergo chemical reactions to form silicon filaments.

These filaments are highly reactive, and burn with the oxygen in the air to create the orange glow that the researchers measured. In the very last seconds before the Sun sets, its light can turn bright green.SpaceX's new array of Starlink communication satellites has even the most jaded of satellite observers agog with excitement as they move across the sky. The satellites are in good health and are the first of a planned 12,satellite megaconstellation to provide internet access to people on Earth.

The satellites, which are now orbiting at approximately miles km above the Earth, are putting on a spectacular show for ground observers as they move across the night sky. Initially, the satellites were seen to be stretched out in a straight line measuring roughly 5 to 8 degrees in apparent length.

Your clenched fist held at arm's length is roughly equivalent to 10 degrees, so the satellite train currently measures roughly just less than a fist in length as it moves across the sky. With time, however, as the satellites revolve around Earth at 90 minute intervals, they should appear less "bunched" together and may actually get a bit fainter as they are slowly raised to their operational orbits of miles km.

If you would like to try and see the Starlink satellites for yourself, you are going to need to consult an online satellite pass calculator that will provide a custom viewing schedule for your hometown. One such website is CalSky here.

Another site you can use is N2YO. Snap an amazing photo or video of SpaceX's Starlink satellites? Let us know! You can send views and comments for a story or gallery to spacephotos space. For those in the Greater New York City area, for instance, the best time to look for the Starlink train passing by on Sunday night May 26 is predicted by both sites to be in the range from to p.

EDT, going from southwest to northeast. There are other predicted passes on Monday May 27 at around a. NW to SEp. SW to NE and a nearly overhead pass on Tuesday at a. Considering the fact that the satellites are all generally faint, it is best to try and position yourself in as dark a location as possible, far from any bright lights that otherwise could hinder your view. Scanning the sky with binoculars will certainly help.

A lot depends on just how the angle of reflected sunlight strike the satellites in the hours just after sunset or before sunrise. While the internet community will benefit, the astronomy community is already raising red flags over potential interference with astronomical observations.

Notes John Bortle, a noted comet observer and a long-time assiduous amateur astronomer: "The word is that SpaceX plans to launch thousands of such mini satellites. Without doubt if the program is successful it will spur others to follow suite, perhaps attempting it even earlier. Depending on orbital inclination, it could utterly ruin astrophotography as after dusk and before dawn the satellites stream across the sky progressively spreading along their orbit.

Some scientists have already expressed concern about the sheer number of bright satellites in the night sky. That number will swell, as companies like OneWeb, Amazon and Telesat are planning megaconstellations of their own. I know people are excited about those images of the train of SpaceX Starlink satellites, but it gives me pause.

If SpaceX launches all 12, they will outnumber stars visible to the naked eye. May 25, Last year, a New Zealand Company, Rocket Lab, received flak for placing what amounted to a giant mirrored "disco ball" into space, called Humanity Star. That satellite's sole purpose, according to Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck was to simply remind skywatchers that "humanity is capable of great and kind things. Humanity Star only remained in orbit for a few weeks.The mysterious scenes have been witnessed across the region this evening.

A line of lights was spotted moving across the North Wales sky tonight - sparking UFO speculation on social media.

Here at North Wales Live we've been inundated with messages about the sightings with some also believing they could be planes. Mel Clark snapped a photo of the lights over Llanddaniel Fab on Anglesey and said: "Thought these were stars until I stopped walking and realised they were moving. A friend is convinced she saw the same thing on the morning of 6th December at 6. My photo is 6. My photo is over Llanddaniel Fab. She saw them over Menai Bridge.

While Taylor Herbert also managed to capture the lights on camera over Oswestry, and said: "Do you know any detail on the huge line of planes that have just flown over our house. Must have been about 20 aircraft i assume. Experts say that the lights are actually a fleet of satellites belonging to billionaire Elon Musk. The businessman's company SpaceX launched 60 satellites into orbit in November as part of its Starlink programme.

They are the second bath of satellites launched which are designed to provide an internet connection to remote parts of the globe. However, space experts have slammed the satellites claiming that the brightness could change the view of the sky and impact on scientific research. Images show that the satellites were passing over the UK close to North Wales this evening at around 8pm. By Sarah Hodgson. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play.

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