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Shostakovich string quartet 1 imslp

List of works by Dmitry Shostakovich This list is manually maintained, therefore some of the available pieces may not yet be linked from this page.

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Shostakovich assembled a suite from The Nosefor tenor, baritone and orchestra as Op. Shostakovich assembled a suite of the from The Bedbug for orchestra as Op. Shostakovich made a reduction of the score for solo piano, including the vocal score of the final chorus as Op.

Shostakovich assembled a suite from The Golden Age for orchestra as Op. Shostakovich assembled a suite from the music for orchestra as Op. Orchestration of Hypothetically Murdered as Op.

shostakovich string quartet 1 imslp

Suite for orchestra from the music as Op. Orchestration for bass and orchestra as Op.In July Shostakovich stayed at the Dilizhan composer's retreat in Armenia. There he completed the String Quartet no.

Of the two, the tenth quartet has the more immediate appeal and is simpler in its construction. The work has formally four movement marked:. But the overall impression made on listening to the quartet is of emotional richness, imagery and variety. Shostakovich dedicated this quartet of about 22 minutes to Mieczyslaw Vainberga prolific composer who, despite his 26 symphonies; seven concertos; 17 string quartets; 28 sonatas for various instruments; seven operas; several ballets; incidental music for 65 films; and many other works, including a Requiem; is still little known outside Russia.

Vainberg's twelfth symphony is, in turn, dedicated to Shostakovich. The quartet begins with a bugle-call from the first violin, the note A flat followed by an E minor triad. The movement then introduces many of the motifs and themes which will reappear, often heavily disguised, in the following movements. The second movement is a fierce, furious and memorable scherzo, which displays outstanding vitality and dogged insistence. Written in E minor it commences with a series of strident, forceful and assertive chords.

Nevertheless by time the second theme is introduced, about a minute later, the tempo has imperceptibly but decisively quickened. The combination of force and speed affects the listener like a pebbles on a stormy sea-shore: he is battered and thrown in all directions by an irresistible power. This is tense, exciting music; an outpouring of emotion, and the contrast between this movement, the Allegretto Furioso, and the next could not be more stunning for there now follows one of Shostakovich's sublime and heartbreaking passacaglias.

The nine bar passacaglia theme is introduced on the cello and then subjected to eight subtle variations. It has not the defiant characteristics of the famous passacaglia of the First Violin Concerto, but its graceful and calm melody remains embedded in the memory long after the quartet has terminated. The passacaglia's finale leads directly into the final fourth movement which commences with a perky little theme. This trots and canters along until, after about a minute a second, a more expansive and lugubrious motif appears on the violins.

The perky theme again returns for about thirty seconds until a third theme is introduced. Then all are mixed together into an effervescent cocktail which first bubbles, then pulsates and finally becomes agitated and volatile.

shostakovich string quartet 1 imslp

Suddenly and unexpectedly the passacaglia's theme reappears, beautifully integrated above the seething undercurrents. The effect is dramatic and the underlying rhythm, seduced by the passacaglia's tranquillity, diminishes. Finally the perky tune, now devoid of some of its tempo, is repeated followed by the more spacious second theme.

Then one last surprise occurs before the music terminates into a whisper: the themes of the first movement are recalled and the bugle-call, with which the quartet commenced, echoes over the dying music. The quartets and symphonies compared.

The tonal structure of the cycle of quartets.The String Quartet no. It has three linked movements marked:. The Quartet, the original manuscript of which is lost, was dedicated by Shostakovich "In Memoriam" to his wife Nina 1.

She had studied at the prestigious Leningrad School of Physics 2 and shortly after her graduation Shostakovich and Nina married. Their relationship had not been easy but her sudden death in Decemberafter an emergency operation for a previously undetected cancer of the colon, affected Shostakovich deeply. This is mirrored in his choice of key for the work, F sharp minor, traditionally associated with pain and suffering. Bach, for example, uses it in the St.

John Passion when the penitent Peter cries out his remorse. This is also the key of Mahler's tortured and unfinished tenth symphony. There can be no doubt that Shostakovich deliberately matched the choice of key to the quartet's dedication. As is explained in the article 'The tonal structure of the cycle of quartets' Shostakovich had based the key for a quartet on the submediant of the scale of the preceding quartet.

Whilst he had given preference to the major scale he had kept rigorously to this scheme in all of his previous quartets. But in the seventh he suddenly breaks this pattern. Had he maintained his scheme the key of the this quartet would have been E flat major. The key chosen, F sharp minor, was only due in the twentieth quartet. He would return to his scheme by using the key of E flat major for his Ninth Quartet and remain with it for almost forty years up until his death in Only this quartet, dedicated to his first wife but written five years after her death, would be an exception to this general rule.

Certainly the key of F sharp minor is more appropriate for loss and bereavement than E flat major. The latter key is more associated with godliness and human heroism. F sharp minor is more morose.

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Johann Mattheson once wrote "F sharp minor, although it leads to great distress, nevertheless is more languid and love-sick than lethal. Moreover, it has something abandoned, singular, and misanthropic about it" 3.

String Quartet No.1, Op.4 (Taneyev, Sergey)

It seems that for Shostakovich this choice of key for his Seventh Quartet was more important than maintaining the tonal development of his cycle of string quartets which he had begun in May was a month which Shostakovich associated with his first wife and their life together: he had announced his engagement to Nina Varzarin in May ; had married her on May 13th ; their first child, their daughter Galya, was born on May 30thand their only other child, their son Maxim, had been born on May 10th His quartet to her is compact and, presumably like their marriage, full of contradictory moods: the first movement being perky, agitated, but full of impish humour; the second dream-like; whilst the third, although at first violent, finally relapses into mellow contemplation.

The music in the first movement, sometimes harsh and biting, simmers with nervous energy.

shostakovich string quartet 1 imslp

It opens with the first violin playing a short perky little motif starting on F sharp and ending with the same note, being played three times, first by the violin an octave lower, and then by the cello two octaves lower still. Triple notes are in abundance as the music jogs agitatedly forward.Composed by Various. BH Piano. Classical, Collection, Russian.

Arranged by Diego Marani. Score, Set of Parts. Published by Diego Marani H0. Available Instantly. Piano 32 Pieces by 16 Composers in Progressive Order.

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Edited by Richard Walters. Schirmer Performance Editions.

Dmitri Shostakovich - String Quartet No. 1 in C major, Op. 49 (1938)

Baroque, Classical, Modern. Published by G. Schirmer HL. Piano Master Text II. Edited by Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz. Piano Collection. Classical, Instruction. Schirmer SH Composed by Dmitri Shostakovich Arranged by Paul Lavender. String Orchestra. Published by Fernando R. Raudales S0. Arranged by Lauren Keiser.


Southern Music.Piano Trio No. It was created as a student work in when he was only sixteen and had been in the Saint Petersburg Conservatoire for three years. Life wasn't easy in post- revolution Russia due to heat and shortages, especially for the Shostakovich family due to the death of Dmitri's father, also called Dmitri, in the previous year, and he was becoming ill, not that his health was ever good. Its last 16 bars were completed later by Shostakovich's pupil, Boris Tishchenko [1] Alternative solutions have been provided by Leslie Howard and Borys Lyatoshynsky [2].

All of the work's themes are derived from the opening chromatically longing motive. The music recalls a Romanticism that the composer would soon repudiate. He dedicated it to Tatyana Glivenko. It was first performed by the composer and two of his friends. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Piano Trio in C minor No. Retrieved Dmitri Shostakovich. Piano Concerto No. Categories : Chamber music by Dmitri Shostakovich Compositions for piano trio compositions Compositions in C minor Chamber music composition stubs.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The composer in String quartets No. This article about a composition for a chamber music group is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Dmitri Shostakovich's String Quartet No. It was premiered in Moscow by the Beethoven Quartetto whom it is dedicated, in December For the premiere, most likely so that he would not be accused of " formalism " or " elitism ," Shostakovich allegedly renamed the movements in the manner of a war story:.

A chamber symphony arrangement Op. It calls for flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bassoon, harp, and strings. It adds winds for tonal colour in the style of Shostakovich's symphonies.

The first movement is constructed using sonata allegro form. The first theme appears in the first violin and is often heard interacting with the cello. The second theme is stated in the first violin and then imitated and transformed by the other three instruments. The development is rather long and pulls its material mainly from the first theme. Finally the coda arrives with an acceleration and crescendoborrowing, once again, the main theme as its material.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The references in this article are unclear because of a lack of inline citations. Help Wikipedia improve by adding precise citations! March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Allegretto Moderato con moto Allegro non troppo Adagio attacca Moderato. Blithe ignorance of the future cataclysm Rumblings of unrest and anticipation Forces of war unleashed In memory of the dead The eternal question: why?

Dmitri Shostakovich. Piano Concerto No. String quartets by Dmitri Shostakovich. Two Pieces for String Quartet No. List of compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich. Hidden categories: Articles lacking in-text citations from March All articles lacking in-text citations. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

String quartets No.File entry render error: no filename specified. PDF scanned by piano. String Quartet No. Naxos Javascript not enabled.

List of works by Dmitry Shostakovich

Creative Commons Attribution 3. Work Title String Quartet No. Quartets ; For 2 violins, viola, cello ; Scores featuring the violin ; Scores featuring the viola ; Scores featuring the cello ; For 4 players ; For piano 4 hands arr ; Scores featuring the piano arr ; Scores featuring the piano 4 hands arr ; For 2 players arr ; For piano arr ; For 1 player arr.

Contents 1 Performances 1. Adagio molto e mesto 2. Boston: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Javascript is required for this feature.

shostakovich string quartet 1 imslp

Pub lisher. Holograph manuscript, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin D-B : Mus. Beethoven, L.

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Editor First edition. Offenbach: J. Plate Plate B. New York: Dover Publications Monochrome dpi. View original cover. Mainz: Schottn. This file is part of the Sibley Mirroring Project. Philharmonia series Vienna: Universal Editionn. New York: Edwin F. KalmusNo.

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Editor Gory. Bonn: N. Simrockn. Parts for all 3 quartets of Op. This file is part of the Gaylord Library Mirroring Project. Editing: re-sampled to dpi, converted to black and white tif files, de-skewed, and set uniform margins. Arranger Hugo Ulrich Robert Wittmann ?? Leipzig: C. Petersn.

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